Equip your Community Health Workers with tools for success with the new Promotor(a) de Salud Resource Guide

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The 146-page Promotor(a) de Salud Resource Guide offers an overview of basic health issues. We have placed focus on prevention, early detection and referrals. We hope this Guide will serve as a key resource to support your health outreach.

Resource Guide English

The Resource is available in both English and Spanish for a nominal fee.

Each chapter in this guide includes:

  • Introduction to the health topic
  • Chapter Highlights of key ideas
  • Health information with a focus on prevention and early detection
  • Pull‐out materials for educating your community (look for the star)
  • Additional Resources

The following is a breakdown of the information provided in each chapter:

Chapter 1: Promotores(as)– A Community Asset

  • Who Are Promotores(as) de Salud?
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Promotores(as)
  • Qualities of Promotores(as)
  • Skills of Promotores(as)
  • Contributions of Promotores(as)

Chapter 2: Community Resource List

  • Developing a Community Resource List
  • Things to Know

Chapter 3: Nutrition

  • Color Your Plate
  • Portion Control
  • Know Your Limits
  • Things to Know

Chapter 4: Children’s Health

  • Children’s Development
  • Routine Checkup Schedule
  • Weight
  • Common Conditions that Affect Children
  • Contagious Illnesses that Affect Children
  • Things to Know

Chapter 5: Adult Health

  • Annual Exam
  • Weight
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health

Chapter 6: Chronic Illnesses

  • Preventing Chronic Illness
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Things to Know

Chapter 7: Transmittable Illnesses

  • Common Transmittable Illnesses
  • Serious Transmittable Illnesses
  • Things to Know

Chapter 8: Sexual Health

  • Understanding Sexual Health
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Birth Control
  • Things to Know

Chapter 9: Cancer

  • What is Cancer?
  • Cancers Common to Latinos
  • Early Detection
  • Self-exam to Do At Home
  • Things to Know

Chapter 10: Vaccinations

  • Why get Vaccinated?
  • Vaccinations and the Diseases They Prevent
  • Recommended Vaccination Doses and Schedule
  • Things to Know

Chapter 11: Occupational Health

  • Safety Requirements
  • Exposure to Chemicals and Pesticides
  • Injuries
  • Heat-related Dangers
  • Eye Injuries
  • Things to Know

Chapter 12: Oral Health

  • Prevention- A Lifetime of Healthy Teeth
  • Dental and Gum Problems
  • Things to Know

Chapter 13: Taking Medicines Safely

  • How Do Medicines Help?
  • Discover the Five Key Elements to Safely Taking Medicines
  • Guidelines for the Correct Use of Medicines
  • When Medicine Should Not Be Taken
  • A Little Bit About Antibiotics
  • Things to Know

Click here to view the  Promotor(a) de Salud Resource Guide (English)

Click here to view the Promotor(a) de Salud Resource Guide (Spanish)