MHP Salud Endowment Fund


“I donate to the MHP Salud Endowment Fund because I have seen first-hand how Promotora programs benefit the farmworker community, and I want that work to continue for many years to come.”

-Mike DuRussel

Owner, DuRussel’s Potato Farms, Manchester, MI

To empower underserved Latino communities for generations to come, MHP Salud created an Endowment Fund with the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation.

How does it work?

Community foundations provide a variety of services, including assistance to build strong nonprofits. The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation pools money on behalf of area nonprofits and invests the funds. The foundation also helps nonprofits accept gifts such as property, stock or other bequests. MHP Salud has created an Endowment Fund with the Foundation. The Foundation invests money from the Fund on MHP Salud’s behalf; MHP Salud reinvests the revenue or spends it where it is most needed.

The Endowment Fund:

  • Allows Michigan residents and businesses to take a special tax credit when they donate to MHP Salud
  • Increases MHP Salud’s visibility to donors, as part of the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation’s annual reports and publications
  • Gives MHP Salud the opportunity to accept planned gifts, stocks and real estate
  • Generates unrestricted revenue, which MHP Salud spends where and when it is most needed
  • Increases earning power by pooling investments with other nonprofit organizations
  • Secures the financial stability of our organization for years to come!
  • One hundred percent of donations to the Endowment Fund benefit MHP Salud and the communities we serve – now and into the foreseeable future.
  • Invest in the future! Help MHP Salud ensure that underserved Latino communities have access to health information and care today and tomorrow.