Tax Credits


MHP Salud is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). When you donate to a 501(c)3, you become eligible for a tax deduction. MHP Salud will issue a receipt, usually a letter, acknowledging your gift. You may then claim appropriate deductions when you file your taxes. This tax deduction is available regardless of the state where you file taxes. Please check with the IRS or a tax professional for the latest guidelines concerning donations to nonprofit organizations.

Extra Tax Credit for Michigan Residents

Reward yourself with a little (or a lot) of tax relief on tax day! By making your gift to MHP Salud through the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, you will enjoy a special State of Michigan Tax Credit in addition to the standard state and federal deductions for charitable contributions.

Here’s how it works: The Tax Credit allows a 50 percent direct Michigan personal income tax credit or Michigan single business tax credit for all gifts to community foundations. When you file your Michigan taxes, you subtract 50 percent of the donation amount from the taxes you owe. Combined with the standard deductions, you recoup over half the cost of a cash donation to MHP Salud (when donating via the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation)!