How We Can Help You

Building on our over 30 years of experience in designing, implementing and improving Community Health Worker programs, we’ve taken our innovative, outcomes-driven Community Health Worker programming to offer you the tools to make it work in your system, with your providers, and for your population.


Virtual and in-person training for Community Health Workers, Program Supervisors, Administrators and Grant Writers – all customized from a range of topics to meet your needs.

Design & implementation

Design & Implementation

Personalized design and implementation support to build the Community Health Worker program you want within your budget and parameters.



Expert support on technology, program evaluation, strategic planning, program optimization, grant funding and more so that you can put our experience to work for you.

Why Community Health Worker Programs Matter

We have found that the purposeful integration of Community Health Workers at both the grassroots and health systems levels leads to more complete care and better health outcomes. With a growing focus in the healthcare field on community-based solutions, improved quality of care, and an emphasis on preventive care and population health, as well as a shift toward value-based payment systems, we believe that Community Health Workers will be a key part of the new direction of healthcare.

Community Health Workers At Your Organization

Community Health Worker programs have been successfully implemented in most healthcare settings. To help you envision how a Community Health Worker program could benefit your organization, for each setting, we have compiled examples of effective programs, ideas for program focus and a summary of products to support your organization.

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