Evaluation Services

Evaluation Packages

Take a look at our evaluation packages and program evaluation services to see how we can help:

Evaluate My Program

Comprehensive support to help you measure your program effectiveness and outcomes.

Community Assessment

All the support you need to prepare for and complete a community assessment.

Evaluation Tool Builder

Technology development support to design personalized evaluation tools.
High quality program evaluation can help improve services, demonstrate effectiveness, ensure continued funding and document success. A Community Health Worker program evaluation often needs to answer one or all of the following questions, and provide data to support the evaluation conclusions:
  • How does the program help underserved and/or isolated communities?
  • Are people healthier as a result of the program?
  • Are more people using healthcare or other services as a result of the program?
  • Are healthcare or other services more effective and efficient as a result of the program?
  • How does the community feel about the program?
  • How does the program change the lives of the Community Health Workers or conditions in their communities?
  • How can the program be improved?
With our evaluation packages, we offer personalized support to help you develop and improve your program evaluation processes to make them as efficient and beneficial as possible.