Training Services

Training Packages

Have a look at the services we offer in each training category to see how we can help you:

Community Health Worker Training

Core competency modules, program-specific skills packages and a complete Community Health Worker training program.

Supervisor Training

Comprehensive training modules on Community Health Worker programs, recruiting and hiring, program evaluation and more, to give supervisors the tools they need.

Administrator Training

Streamlined training packages to provide key knowledge on Community Health Worker programs, Strategic Planning, Community Assessments and more.

Grant Writing Training

Targeted training sessions on grant development for beginners, grant funding for Community Health Worker programs and building organizational grant development capacity.

Why Train With MHP Salud?

At MHP Salud, our training services go beyond webinar-style presentations and instead focus on providing information in an engaging, interactive and relevant way, while customizing the key competencies and core skills being covered to match your organization’s and staff’s needs, skill level and interests.
To develop our high quality training programs, we focus on key adult learning techniques including the use of active learning and participation, a focus on problem-solving, building on previous experiences, making the information relevant, and making training fun.
Lastly, we focus on using the right trainer for each training topic. Our expert trainers include Community Health Workers or Promotoras, Program Coordinators, and Managers, among others, and we place particular focus on ensuring that our trainers have direct experience with the topics that they are training on.
Our organizational experience and work with Community Health Worker programs provide the base for our training topic areas, and the unique experiences and firsthand knowledge of our trainers make each training package even more effective, engaging and relevant.
Our training packages are based on training programs that we have developed, tested and improved, and use methods and activities that are the basis for training our own Community Health Workers and staff. Additionally, the subjects we train on are topics where we have firsthand knowledge, can include real world examples, and have developed strong organizational experience.

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MHP Salud offers a range of training services to meet all your organizational needs. We place a unique focus on understanding your organizational culture and goals, and personalizing each training to meet your needs.
If you are interested in a training topic that doesn’t appear on any of the lists above, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to work with you to develop a custom training program to meet your needs.