Administrator Training

Administrator Training Packages

These training packages are designed to provide key information in a concise way and can be personalized to match the specifics of your organization and ensure that the information provided is relevant for you.
Understanding Community Health Worker Programs
Introduction to Community Health Worker programs and their potential benefits.
Components of Successful Community Health Worker Programs
Comprehensive review of essential aspects Community Health Worker programs to guide programmatic decision-making.
Community Assessment Training
The skills you need to plan, initiate and benefit from community assessments.
Improving Organizational Technology Use
Targeted training to evaluate your organization’s use of technology and guide decisions on innovative tools and resources.
Strategic Planning 101
Introduction to strategic planning and how to make it work for your organization.
Strategic Planning Reboot
Comprehensive training for organizations who have tried strategic planning and want to build skills to make these activities work better and be more effective in the future.
Alternatively, work with an MHP Salud expert to create a custom training program to match your needs and interests.

Custom Administrator Training