Community Health Worker Training

Why Community Health Worker Training Matters
Personalized Training & Support

Community Health Worker Training Categories

For organizations that would like to combine training modules or create a custom training package, we are happy to help. Please contact us to request additional information and pricing.
MHP Salud offers a range of training options and can facilitate any training modules in English or Spanish.

Community Health Worker Core Competencies

Training modules to provide the skills and knowledge Community Health Workers need to effectively support their communities.

Community Health Worker Program-Specific Training

Comprehensive training packages on key Community Health Worker program areas to provide all the skills needed to start a program.

Complete Community Health Worker Training

In-depth training package to cover key knowledge areas and provide formal recognition of a Community Health Worker training and preparation.

Custom Community Health Worker Training

Work with an expert to develop a personalized training plan that meets your needs and program goals.

Why Community Health Worker Training Matters

High quality training is an essential component of successful Community Health Worker programs and in order to gain the most benefit from training sessions, trainers need to build on the skills that Community Health Workers already have, present information in a culturally appropriate and accessible way, and review key knowledge areas as well as provide specific tools and techniques for the programs they will be working in.

Personalized Training & Support

All of our training packages are customizable and include pre-training meetings to learn more about your organization and your goals for the training session. We will request information about your Community Health Worker staff prior to the training, including the specifics of your Community Health Worker program and additional details to help us develop the best training for you.
To ensure that our training services meet your needs, we also include post-training “any time” support with each of our training packages. Our experts are available through this on-call support to discuss further details on topics from the training session or answer any questions about Community Health Workers programs in general. Please review the individual training modules for additional information about the included on-call support.