Grant Writing Training

Our Grant Writing Experience
Additional Grant Writing Resources

Grant Writing Training Packages

We offer the following Grant Writing training options:

Grant Writing 101

Introduction to grant writing and grant development to provide the essential skills you need.

Grant Writing for Community Health Worker Programs

Targeted training on key components for finding and pursuing Community Health Worker program funding opportunities.

Building Grant Development into Organizational Activities

Practical advice on strategies and innovative solutions to increase your grant development capacity.

Our Grant Writing Experience

MHP Salud’s Grant Division has achieved the following grant-related results during the past five years:
  • Steady increase in grant revenue from approximately $1 million to $2.5 million annually
  • Steady increase in median annual grant award amount from $25,000 to over $300,000
  • Establishment, tracking, and utilization of Grant Division metrics that align with MHP Salud’s strategic plan
We took our hard won experience on effective grant development strategies, and have developed practical and relevant training packages to support your grant development team and increase your organizational capacity to pursue grant opportunities.

Additional Grant Writing Resources

Building on our over 30 years of successful grant writing experience, we have created a range of resources to guide your grant development work including:
Sample Grant Proposal for a Community Health Worker Program
Sample Budget for a Community Health Worker Program
Guide to Grant Opportunities for Promotor(a) Programs