Supervisor Training

Supervisor Training Categories

Supervisor Essential Skills Training

Targeted training modules to provide the skills and knowledge Supervisors need to design, implement, staff and lead Community Health Worker programs.

Complete Supervisor Training

In-depth training package to cover key knowledge areas and provide formal recognition of Supervision training and preparation.

Custom Supervisor Training

Work with an expert to develop a personalized training plan that meets your needs and program goals.

Why Train Supervisors?

Once you have the right staff in place, providing high quality supervision that supports Community Health Workers in doing their job well is essential. Supervising Community Health Workers is often very different from overseeing and managing staff in other types of positions and can require some unique strategies to make the process both beneficial and efficient for everyone involved.
Supervisors who understand and value the work that Community Health Workers are doing, actively work to connect them with other team members, and provide support and guidance to their team of Community Health Workers help to make their Community Health Worker program is as successful as possible.