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Inside Texas’ Border Communities: What are Colonias?

Many of MHP Salud’s direct service programs operate inside the Rio Grande Valley’s colonias, which are defined by The Texas Office of the Secretary of State as residential areas along the Texas-Mexico border that may lack basic living necessities like potable water, septic or sewer systems, electricity, paved roads, or safe and sanitary housing.

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New Hypertension and Diabetes Resources for CHW Programs

Several new resources for Community Health Workers are now available on MHP Salud’s Resource Portfolio. These tools highlight and promote the CHW model’s role in addressing and preventing some of the most prevalent health conditions in our communities.

2018-05-01T17:59:08+00:00February 22nd, 2018|

This infographic proves the effectiveness of Community Health Worker led programs!

This infographic proves the effectiveness of Community Health Worker led programs! You may have seen our blog in August about the fantastic outcomes we found in our Amor Maternal program.  It turns out, Community Health Worker led breasfteeding programs are fantastic at increasing exclusive breasfteeding rates up to and beyond six months [...]

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The results are in, and they prove the effectiveness of CHW-led maternal-child health programs

The results are in, and they prove the effectiveness of CHW-led maternal-child health programs It’s no secret that we are huge advocates of using the Community Health Worker model to increase breastfeeding rates among underserved populations. It’s an effective strategy that addresses the cultural barriers that many Hispanic women face when trying to [...]

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These Community Health Worker Program Models Lower Patient Medical Costs

An analysis by the Connecticut Health Foundation has found that Connecticut healthcare organizations can improve patient health and save money by implementing community health worker programs. Community Health Workers (CHWs), also known as Promotoras, help empower underserved communities by acting as a liaison between the community and health or social services organizations. Community Health Workers are characterized by being members [...]

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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Health Coverage

In the United States, an estimated 12.7 million people signed up for coverage in the 2016 Open Enrollment, allowing them to gain or renew access to the health coverage they need. Enrolling in a health plan, however, is only the initial step. To help you go from coverage to care, the Centers for Medicare & [...]

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New CHW program helps older adults maintain independence with dignity

Un Paso a la Vez (“One Step at a Time”) is a new program in South Texas that uses Community Health Workers (CHWs) to help low-income, older Hispanic adults maintain independence with dignity. As part of the program, CHWs visit participants at their homes to identify their needs and create an action plan that involves [...]

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Instinto Maternal Program promotes role of dads in first foods as it moves north for the season

In its second year, the Instinto Maternal Program has collected, cleaned and analyzed information from a series of community surveys and interviews with Latina mothers who work in agriculture about their successful breastfeeding experiences. The upshot: more than just the practices of the mother, the support from family members and the woman’s partner can be [...]

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New Infórmate Program trains teens to advocate for the health of their peers in Florida

MHP Salud has expanded its programmatic offering in Florida with the addition of the Infórmate (“Inform Yourself”) program in Central Florida. The program has brought on four young women to serve as Peer Advocates within the Latino community where they live, learn and socialize. The program is overseen by Program Director Randi McCallian and Program [...]

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Evaluate your Community Health Worker Program with our free Evaluation Toolkit

Click here to view the Evaluation Toolkit for Promotor(a) de Salud Programs Taking into account the limited resources typically available to Promotor(a) de Salud programs (also known as Community Health Worker programs), this Evaluation Toolkit was developed to help you determine what evaluation strategies will work for your organization. This is not a long, detailed description [...]

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