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From CHW to a Career in Social Work

Each month, we will highlight the journey of individuals' professional development into roles within and outside of the CHW profession. The first story is about Jennifer's journey from CHW to Licensed Social Worker. The second features Jose, who became a case manager after working as a CHW in a children's hospital. These stories illustrate how the CHW profession builds skillsets that are desirable across industries and the key differences between the CHW profession and other careers in related fields.

December 18th, 2020|

Evaluate your Community Health Worker Program with our free Evaluation Toolkit

Taking into account the limited resources typically available to Promotor(a) de Salud programs (also known as Community Health Worker programs), this Evaluation Toolkit was developed to help you determine what evaluation strategies will work for your organization. This is not a long, detailed description of all the evaluation options and strategies available. Rather, this is a quick reference guide with tips and tools that have been designed especially for use with Promotor(a), or other Community Health Worker (CHW), programs. This Toolkit is recommended for Health Centers, health departments, migrant health programs, Primary Care Associations, and other organizations that implement Promotor(a) or CHW programs. It is designed for those with little or no evaluation experience or limited evaluation resources. The information in this Toolkit will help you design an evaluation system from the very beginning of the process, however it also includes tips for improving existing evaluation efforts. It is intended for use by anyone that is in charge of a Promotor(a) program, including Program Coordinators, Directors, Supervisors, or Managers.

April 15th, 2016|

Six Tips for CHW Supervision Success

With more than 30 years’ experience designing, running, evaluating and improving CHW programs, as well as more than 20 years’ experience spreading that knowledge via technical assistance to other organizations around the country, MHP Salud has gained insight, experience and a deep understanding of CHW supervision.

January 21st, 2016|

Learn from Three Decades’ Experience with our Free Sample Budget for Community Health Worker Programs Template

This free budget template is presented as a sample, based on a year-round program with four full-time Community Health Workers. It is provided as a starting point to give you an idea of the line items and categories of expenses that you will want to consider in planning your budget. Many, if not all, of the amounts, will vary based on your location, organization, staffing required to implement the program, etc.

January 19th, 2016|

Run Your Community Health Worker Program Effectively with Our Free Supervision Manual for Promotor(a) de Salud Programs

This Supervisor’s Manual was developed to provide basic guidelines to supervisors of Promotor y Promotora de Salud programs. A variety of people, with different supervisory experience, might supervise a Promotor(a)program. They could range from newly-hired Program Coordinators to Program Directors and Outreach Coordinators. Regardless of the position and the person’s experience, we hope the information in this Manual proves helpful in learning about and managing the successes and challenges of working with Promotores(as).

January 5th, 2016|

Integrate CHWs into the Rest of the Health Care Team with 9 Tips

Changes in health care policy have shifted delivery systems towards more patient-centered models of care. To adapt, Health Centers have sought new strategies, such as Promotor(a) de Salud programs, to reform the way their care teams function. As members of the communities they serve, Promotores(as) (or Community Health Workers) are in a unique position to contribute to Health Center care teams. Their expertise in the culture of the community can help a care team better understand the context behind a patient’s condition, leading to the development of more effective care plans. Although Promotores(as) can be an asset to any care team, to flourish in this role they need Health Center support.

November 10th, 2015|

Learn About Finding the True Value of CHW Programs with our New ROI Analysis Brief Report

Community Health Workers (CHWs) represent a link between members of the community and existing healthcare resources. They have had notable success reaching out to vulnerable communities in the United States with culturally tailored services. Despite mounting evidence of the positive impacts these programs can have, there is currently a lack of data relating these services to financial outcomes. This report offers an overview of the studies conducted on determining the ROI of CHW interventions across the U.S., and also offers suggestions on how to conduct an ROI analysis on your program.

October 19th, 2015|

Secure Funding for Your Community Health Worker Program with Our Guide to Grant Opportunities and Resources

Because Promotor(a) programs can address many topics in many settings, organizations that implement them can find funding from a variety of sources. The Guide to Grant Opportunities and Resources for Promotor(a) Programs is meant to guide and support those seeking grant funding for Promotor(a)programs. This Guide focuses specifically on identifying grant opportunities and resources.

July 20th, 2015|
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