CHW Training and Technical Assistance Team…on a roll!

//CHW Training and Technical Assistance Team…on a roll!

nuca-training-nov13The Community Health Worker (CHW) Training and Technical Assistance team was very busy during the month of November! Staff members Ashley Martin and Allison Vidal-Jones provided training and technical assistance in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Chicago, and Tri-Cities, Washington. Interestingly, all three included training on Evaluation, speaking to the importance that organizations are placing on having solid programs with effective evaluation plans to ensure that their programs are on target. Although the audiences were very different—ranging from HIV+ Case Workers in Louisiana to CHWs in various clinics and health centers in Chicago to Domestic Violence Promotoras in Washington—all groups worked hard and learned a lot after the trainings.

In this picture, you will see how the group with Domestic Violence Services of Benton and Franklin Counties in Washington does a dinámica after lunch to get back into training mode. Here they are doing Partner Stretch, one of Training Specialist Allison Vidal-Jones’s favorite dinámicas!

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