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Use the form below to contact us about your Community Health Worker consulting and training needs. We’ve also provided answers to some common questions about partnering with MHP Salud.

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Our organization possesses expertise in planning, implementing, and evaluating successful Community Health Worker programs to address relevant health challenges in underserved communities. We have nearly 40 years of experience working with underserved communities, and we are excited to work with other organizations that share a common vision of health for our communities.

Examples of our partnerships include referral mechanisms for health and social determinants of health needs for our on-the-ground programs in Texas and Florida. Additionally, we collaborate with other organizations on webinars, training, and the development of resources. We’re also open to having conversations with you about what your partnership may look like.

MHP Salud does not currently accept requests to publish external content to our website.

This report analyzes and compares 2020 USDS data with a smaller assessment conducted with Health Centers that employ Community Health Workers (CHWs).