MHP Salud is an innovative, culturally-specific 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is an established leader in community health.

Welcome, Funders and Partners!

Our organization possesses expertise in planning, implementing, and evaluating successful Community Health Worker programs to address relevant health challenges in underserved communities.

Community Health Workers are trained community members that have established trust within the community and possess shared experiences with participants. They provide culturally-tailored outreach and education that reaches participants “where they are.” This enables participants to best address their unique barriers to achieving optimal health. Our programs are key in achieving MHP Salud’s mission: To empower underserved Latino communities.

Helping Where It Counts

MHP Salud’s efforts are far-reaching and have had a widespread impact. Our health outcomes programs have provided needed services to underserved Latino communities in Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Texas. The results of our programs are powerful, demonstrating statistically-significant self-reported and clinical outcomes. For instance, MHP Salud’s Community Health Workers helped a father get his A1C under control. Read the entire story here.

Our programs also demonstrate positive return on investment (ROI), indicating significant cost-savings compared to program costs.

A promotora talks with community members.

Our Programs Are:

We believe in Community Health Workers, and the amazing things a community achieves through empowerment. To advance the profession, MHP Salud also offers training and consulting services to support organizations who wish to start or strengthen their own CHW programs.

MHP Salud receives funding from diverse sources, including federal, state and foundation grant makers, training and consulting services and some individual donations. This ensures sustainability and longevity for the organization.

Our agency has an excellent track record of managing funds.  In 2017, MHP Salud managed an operating budget of $4.7 million MHP Salud’s annual internal audits are available here.

MHP Salud welcomes the opportunity to form collaborative partnerships with funders, partners and other organizations that share our vision. Are you wondering what that might look like for your organization? Feel free to contact us using the form below. We welcome all ideas and would love to hear from you.

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