Strategic Planning Package

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What Is Included?

Strategic Planning, in its most general sense, is determining what you want your organization to achieve in the next year, deciding how to meet these goals, and how to evaluate whether the goals have actually been met.

With so many strategic planning activities and models available, making the most of your strategic planning activities requires a plan that is personalized to your organization’s size, experience, the complexity of the work that you do, the level of progress that you want your organization to make, and most importantly your organizational culture.

Effectively conducting strategic planning activities requires flexibility and the ability to modify the approach and even activities to ensure that all issues that arise are appropriately addressed. Additionally, our experts will pay close attention to understanding multiple jurisdictions and connections to other organizations that can influence and impact your strategic planning work and outcomes.

Based on our own successful use of organization-wide strategic planning activities, our strategic planning packages provides MHP Salud expert support to:

  • Conduct an evaluation of your organization to provide strategic planning model recommendations and help you decide the best approach for your organization.
  • Support in selecting an internal strategic planning team and conduct in pre-strategic planning training session and stakeholder identification meeting with a clear understanding of your employee experience levels and how to best engage each level of staff in the strategic planning process.
  • Develop a strategic planning outline, meeting plan and meeting design.
  • Facilitate strategic planning meetings and manage record-keeping and documentation during the course of strategic planning activities.
  • Provide continuous flexibility during the facilitation stage to add exercises or activities the address issues that arise or help to fully explore areas or components that may not have been previously considered.
  • Provide a strategic planning and organizational recommendations document customized to the strategic planning experience that occurred and including suggestions for on-going strategic planning work and recommended next steps.

Considerations & Choosing the Right Level of Support

Please note that due to the highly interactive activities required for successful strategic planning work, the strategic planning meeting facilitation component of this package is only available as on-site support and cannot be provided virtually.

Here is a quick guide to selecting the strategic planning package to meet your needs:

  • Starter Kit: Ideal for organizations requiring support with designing a strategic planning activity and meeting guide, but that prefer to implement and facilitate the meetings on their own.
  • Complete Package: Suited to organizations who would like support on all key areas of strategic planning design and facilitation.
  • Deluxe Package: Comprehensive support across all stages of strategic planning work, including a post strategic planning check-up to evaluate and guide on-going efforts.

This consulting support is provided by an MHP Salud senior manager with extensive experience in strategic planning. Additional information about package costs and included support is detailed below. For advice and assistance in finding the right strategic planning package for you, please feel free to contact us.

Included Support:
Starter Kit Complete Package Deluxe Package
Pre-Strategic Planning Meetings 10 hours (Virtual) 20 hours (Virtual) 30 hours (Virtual)
Strategic Planning Activity Design Yes Yes Yes
Strategic Planning Activity & Meeting Facilitation Not Included 30 hours (On-site) 40 hours (On-site)
On-Call "Any Time" Support 10 hours (Virtual) 20 hours (Virtual) 30 hours (Virtual)
Post-Strategic Planning Check-up (6 – 9 months afterward) Not Included Not Included 6 hours (Virtual)
Package Costs:
Starter Kit Complete Package Deluxe Package
Consulting Costs: $3,379 $9,849 $14,509
Travel Costs for On-site Support: NA $2,570* $2,880*
*Valid for travel within the continental US
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