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Evaluation Packages

Take a look at our evaluation packages and program evaluation services to see how we can help:

What Is Included?

The Evaluate My Program package can be used to develop a program evaluation plan for a grant proposal or funding request, help you create a comprehensive evaluation strategy for a Community Health Worker program that you will be starting, or help you develop an evaluation plan for an existing program.

We offer two options for our Evaluate My Program package; a starter kit, for organizations that have already defined their program objectives and data collection strategies, but would like some additional support and recommendations for improvement; and a complete package, designed for organizations who haven’t started to plan or develop their evaluation goals or processes yet and would like more comprehensive support.

Package Pricing

Starting at $2,369

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What Is Included?

Completing an assessment of the community you serve is an essential component of understanding what assistance your patients or clients need and developing a Community Health Worker program that effectively addresses those needs and also leverages existing community resources.

With the Community Assessment package, we work with you to design a comprehensive assessment plan to get you started on understanding your community’s strengths as well as areas for improvement.

We offer two options for our Community Assessment Package: a starter kit, for organizations that already have a community assessment plan, but need support in refining and moving toward implementation; and a complete package, which is designed for organizations who want to conduct a community assessment, but need more comprehensive support to plan and prepare for the assessment.

With our Community Assessment Package, you will receive the following:

  • Recommendations on the scope of the assessment and methods for gathering information.
  • Comprehensive assessment plan including recommendations on sources for gathering data, what levels of staff to involve in data collection, data analysis processes and reports, and options for recording and presenting findings.
  • Organizational capacity evaluation to determine preparedness for conducting the community assessment and needed training or additional support to implement proposed plan.

Package Pricing

Starting at $3,909

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What Is Included?

For organizations that already have an evaluation or assessment plan in place, but are looking to streamline the process, we work with you to develop resources to make the evaluation process as efficient and accurate as possible.

The Evaluation Tool Builder package includes:

  • Assessment of your current program evaluation process and use of technology to identify areas requiring streamlining and key areas for digital data collection
  • Review of your organizational culture to guide the development of evaluation tools that are personalized to your needs
  • Proposal with data collection and analysis options, as well as levels of support
  • Development of selected evaluation tool(s)
  • Coaching on evaluation tool implementation and effective use
  • Staff training on evaluation tool use

Package Costs

Prices will vary based on the complexity of your organization’s evaluation process and the type of evaluation tools that you need. For more information about pricing and how we can help, please contact us.

High quality program evaluation can help improve services, demonstrate effectiveness, ensure continued funding and document success. A Community Health Worker program evaluation often needs to answer one or all of the following questions, and provide data to support the evaluation conclusions:

  • How does the program help underserved and/or isolated communities?
  • Are people healthier as a result of the program?
  • Are more people using healthcare or other services as a result of the program?
  • Are healthcare or other services more effective and efficient as a result of the program?
  • How does the community feel about the program?
  • How does the program change the lives of the Community Health Workers or conditions in their communities?
  • How can the program be improved?

With our evaluation packages, we offer personalized support to help you develop and improve your program evaluation processes to make them as efficient and beneficial as possible.

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