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What Is Included?

The Evaluate My Program package can be used to develop a program evaluation plan for a grant proposal or funding request, help you create a comprehensive evaluation strategy for a Community Health Worker program that you will be starting, or help you develop an evaluation plan for an existing program.

We offer two options for our Evaluate My Program package; a starter kit, for organizations that have already defined their program objectives and data collection strategies, but would like some additional support and recommendations for improvement; and a complete package, designed for organizations who haven’t started to plan or develop their evaluation goals or processes yet and would like more comprehensive support.

Consulting Considerations

Please note that the program evaluation services included in this consulting package and associated costs apply to the review of and evaluation plan development for one Community Health Worker program. For organizations that need support on more than one program, please contact us for a custom consulting quote.

In our over 30 years of experience, we have found that in-person, engaging, and highly interactive training sessions are a key to success in preparing Community Health Workers to work effectively in a range of programs. Also, because of the highly customized and interactive nature of the Supervisor and Community Health Worker training sessions included with this package, the training components are only available as an on-site training.

Please see the chart below for additional information about what is included in this package and starting costs.

Included Support:
Starter Kit Complete Package
Pre-Consultation Meetings 5 hours (Virtual) 10 hours (Virtual)
Review of Program Work Plan & Objectives Yes Yes
Evaluation Plan Design Yes Yes
Evaluation Tool Development Not Included Yes
Supervisor Training on Evaluation Plan & Tools Not Included 4 hours (On-site)
Community Health Worker Training on Evaluation Plan & Tools Not Included 8 hours (On-site)
On-Call "Any Time" Support 8 hours (Virtual) 16 hours (Virtual)
Package Costs:
Starter Kit Complete Package
$2,369 $10,249*
*Includes travel costs for any training location within the continental US

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