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Funding Support Packages

Often the biggest hurdle in starting or maintaining a Community Health Worker program is determining how to finance the program. These Funding Support packages are designed to assist you in identifying funding opportunities and positioning your organization to receive needed financial support.

What Is Included?

With our Grant Funding Strategies for CHW Programs package, we take our successful grant writing experience and put it to work for you. This consulting package is designed to identify grant funding mechanisms and strategies for financing your Community Health Worker program.

We focus on finding the right grant funding opportunities for your program and for your organization to ensure that the opportunities that you decide to pursue align with your organizational structure and your program goals. With this package you will receive the following:

  • Comprehensive review of your program design to identify any potential problems or areas for improvement.
  • Recommendations for strengthening or fine-tuning your program design components prior to applying for grant funding.
  • Strategy meeting to help our grant experts understand your organizational structure and ensure that grant funding recommendations meet your needs.
  • Comprehensive list of recommended grant funding opportunities to pursue for the upcoming calendar year. Grant funding opportunities will be ranked based on relevance, and our grant expert will provide feedback on most relevant grant funding opportunities for you to pursue.
  • Coaching and personalized support to help you review the grant funding opportunity list and develop your grant writing plan.

Package Pricing

Starting at $2,749

What Is Included?

Our Grant Proposal Review package is designed to support organizations that have already completed the program design work and simply want some additional support in ensuring that their grant proposal is as effective as possible.

Our expert Grant Writer will conduct a comprehensive review your grant proposal and give you tips on improving and optimizing the information that you have prepared. These recommendations may include adjustments to the proposed program design, budget, or work plan; or could be related to more general recommendations about providing more complete information with regards to your organizational capacity, experience, or other components. Our grant expert will also review the Request for Proposal details to ensure that the information provided matches what the granting organization is requesting.

Following our review of your grant proposal, you will receive a comprehensive grant proposal evaluation report and have a virtual feedback meeting with our grant expert to discuss recommended changes.

Package Pricing

Starting at $229 (for a 1-5 page proposal)

Additional Funding Resources

Building on over 30 years of successful grant writing experience, we have created a range of resources to guide your grant development work including:

Sample Grant Proposal for a Community Health Worker Program

Sample Budget for a Community Health Worker Program

Guide to Grant Opportunities for Promotor(a) Programs

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