Build a Program Package

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What Is Included?

To develop a successful Community Health Worker program, it is important to be have a clear understanding of what issues you want to address, set specific goals and objectives, create a program deadline, decide how many Community Health Workers and other program staff you will need, establish a budget for the program, create a work plan, and develop an evaluation plan.

Our Build a Program Package provides complete program design services by taking your ideas and building a program that meets your needs and is ready for you to move to the funding and implementation stages.

MHP Salud can provide technical assistance in designing your Community Health Worker program. Our Program Design support includes choosing a health focus for the program, developing specific goals and objectives, setting a program timeline, determining exact staffing needs, establishing a program budget, creating a work plan, and developing an evaluation plan.

Package Costs

Consulting support and costs will vary depending on the support that your organization needs. For more information and to start building your own program, please contact us.

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