The Impact of Culture on Health

The Impact of Culture on Health 2018-04-23T16:46:00+00:00

What is Included in The Impact of Culture on Health?

Not your typical “Cultural Competence” training, The Impact of Culture on Health: Seeing the Community through Their Eyes relies on self-reflection and continuous learning to examine one’s own cultural filters through which we view the world. This positive and nuanced approach is appropriate for any culture(s) within the communities you serve, ultimately delivering better services and outcomes. The objectives of this session are to:

  • Define culture and why it matters to Community Health Workers
  • Examine one’s own cultural “lenses” or filters through which we view the world
  • Describe and demonstrate how cultural beliefs impact health and wellness
  • Develop a plan to better incorporate your community and culture in your work and your institution

Make The Training Work For You

This session can be completed individually or as a full Foundations level training. If you would like to mix and match sessions to create your own training package, please contact us for additional information.

This training session can be provided on-site at the location of your choice or as a live, fully interactive virtual training.

This training session lasts 4 hours. A virtual training costs $889 and an on-site training is $2,469* including all travel costs.

*Includes all travel costs for a training location within the continental US.
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