Educating in the Community Training

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What Is Included in Educating in the Community?

As the second session in MHP Salud’s Foundations level, Educating in the Community: Popular Education, Peer Education, Adult Education, and Community Education Techniques provides Community Health Workers with various interactive techniques to use in health education that specifically address adult learning and different learning styles. By the end of this session, participants will identify and apply key tools that increase the effectiveness of these techniques. The objectives for this session are to:

  • Identify the differences between adult and child learning and how adult/peer education can facilitate adult learning
  • Describe different learning styles and methods
  • Identify the benefits and use of Dinámicas
  • Identify the benefits and use of Simulations
  • Demonstrate and discuss “problem posing” as an educational strategy
  • Demonstrate how using games can support learning for adult learners
  • Demonstrate how Cooperative Learning and Sociodramas can be used in health education
  • Identify key tools in the CHW Toolbox to maximize these popular/adult/peer education techniques

Make The Training Work For You

This session can be completed individually or as a full Foundations level training. If you would like to mix and match sessions to create your own training package, please contact us for additional information.

This training session can be provided on-site at the location of your choice or as a live, fully interactive virtual training.

This training session lasts 8 hours. A virtual training costs $1,379 and an on-site training is $2,959* including all travel costs.

*Includes all travel costs for a training location within the continental US.
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