Teaching: Using Adult Education Models Training

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What Is Included?

The Teaching: Using Adult Education Models training session focuses on providing Community Health Workers with strategies and techniques to educate adult learners using models from popular and adult education. The training also provides Community Health Workers with “hands on” learning to assist in their ability to provide health education and other information to program participants. The objectives for this unit are to:

  • Describe different learning styles and methods
  • Explain the history of popular and adult education models
  • Identify Dinámicas or engaging activities that facilitate learning
  • Compare traditional and non-traditional teaching
  • Demonstrate strategies for engaging adult learners in health education
  • Addressing behavior change through popular education or adult learning methods
  • Demonstrate how feedback from adult learners affects the Community Health Worker’s training techniques
  • Demonstrate how using games can support learning for adult learners

Make The Training Work For You

If you would like to complete this training session along with other training sessions that make up the Foundations level, please contact us for a custom price quote.

This training session can be provided on-site at the location of your choice or as a live virtual training.

This training session lasts 8 hours, and prices start at $879.

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