Community Health Worker Level I Training

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What Is Community Health Worker Level I Training?

The topics covered in Community Health Worker L.E.A.D. curriculum Level I are the skills that CHWs need to be successful and effectively support their communities on a range of issues. These competencies build on skills and experiences that Community Health Workers bring to their work and also help them to grow professionally and work in a variety of settings.

The 26 hours of Level I can be facilitated in English or Spanish and provided as a live, fully interactive virtual training for $4,549 or on-site at the location of your choice for $7,359* including all travel costs.

The following sessions and objectives are covered:

The Importance of Self-Care in the Long-Term Success of a CHW

  • Understand the purpose and importance of self-care
  • Identify both positive and negative types of stress
  • Understand burn out, compassion fatigue and the long-term effects of lack of self-care
  • Identify components of a good self-care plan


  • Describe the role of documenting your work
  • Identify and demonstrate appropriate guidelines for documentation of Community Health Worker activities


  • Describe how technology impacts the Community Health Worker profession
  • Identify ways Community Health Workers may use technology to fulfill core roles

Time Management

  • Demonstrate how time management increases efficiency and effectiveness
  • Practice strategies for improving time management

CHW Data Collection and Analysis

  • Recognize the role of Community Health Workers in data collection and analysis
  • Identify strategies Community Health Workers can use to promote accurate data collection and integrity

Health Literacy

  • Define the basic concepts of health literacy
  • Describe how low health literacy can create challenges for clients and communities
  • Demonstrate how to employ clear communication in line with the principles of health literacy
  • Develop written materials appropriate for all levels of health literacy

Communication Skills

  • Define the goals, types and importance of communication for Community Health Workers
  • Demonstrate active listening and feedback skills
  • Describe communication strategies for connecting with clients
  • Demonstrate the ability to adapt communication to different audiences

Networks & Referrals

  • Describe the purpose of creating a network
  • Identify the essential providers or community resources to include in your network
  • Describe and demonstrate processes involved in developing an effective network
  • Define key information needed when providing a referral to a network partner

Client Visits for Community Health Workers

  • Define types of client visits from the perspective of a Community Health Worker
  • Identify etiquette and safety guidelines surrounding client visits
*Includes all travel costs for a training location within the continental United States. Note: travel costs will be prorated if multiple on-site training sessions are purchased for the same location and time period.

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