Networks & Referrals Training

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What Is Included in Networks & Referrals?

Community Health Workers are the natural link of partners within a community. The Networks & Referrals session enhances participants’ abilities to identify and cultivate those partnerships to better serve their communities. The objectives of this session are to:

  • Describe the purpose of creating a network
  • Identify the essential providers or community resources to include in your network
  • Describe and demonstrate processes involved in developing an effective network
  • Define key information needed when providing a referral to a network partner

Make The Training Work For You

This session can be completed individually or as a full Level I training. If you would like to mix and match sessions to create your own training package, please contact us for additional information.

This training session can be provided on-site at the location of your choice or as a live, fully interactive virtual training.

This training session lasts 4 hours. A virtual training costs $889 and an on-site training is $2,469* including all travel costs.

*Includes all travel costs for a training location within the continental US.
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