Community Health Worker Program-Specific Training

Community Health Worker Program-Specific Training2017-04-13T16:15:43+00:00

MHP Salud has developed training packages for our own direct service programs on a range of program topics and has evaluated and improved our training materials to ensure that Community Health Workers have all the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively support the programs they work in.

Through our experience with Community Health Workers and Community Health Worker-lead health programs, we have found comprehensive and high quality program-specific training to be a key factor in successful programs. Program-specific training allows organizations to clearly communicate their expectations to Community Health Workers while also providing them with all the tools and resources they need to do their job well.

Each training package includes complete information and training activities for each topic area, but can be customized to match the specifics of your program. As a result, these training packages can serve as either pre-program training for new Community Health Workers or as supplemental training for Community Health Workers who have already been working in programs in these topic areas.

All modules can be facilitated in English or Spanish and the following training packages are available:

Insurance Navigator Supplemental Skills

Community Outreach Training

Mental Health Education Training

Peer-led Support Group Training

Maternal & Child Health Training

Diabetes Education Training

Each training module above includes relevant resources such as toolkits, documents and program manuals in downloadable links to compliment the training information and program focus.

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