Complete Community Health Worker Training

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Who Is This Training Designed For?

This training is recommended for both new and more experienced Community Health Workers, and no prior experience as a Community Health Worker is required to complete this training. Rather than focusing on a specific program type or health-issue, the information provided in this training is relevant for Community Health Workers in any setting.

An MHP Salud training expert will request information about your Community Health Worker program and conduct a pre-training meeting to personalize the training to match your organization’s needs and specific program.

What Is Included?

MHP Salud has developed a training series to offer formal recognition for Community Health Workers on a range of key Community Health Worker competencies.

The Complete Community Health Worker Training package covers the following modules:

Roles & Scope of Work

Popular Education & Teaching

Cultural Competence


Service Coordination Skills

Confidentiality & Ethical Responsibility

Evaluation Tools for Community Health Workers

Technology for Community Health Workers

Make The Training Work For You

If you would prefer to complete the Complete Community Health Worker Training in smaller segments, please see the individual modules listed above for additional information and pricing. Alternatively, you can mix and match training modules to develop your own unique training program. Please contact us for more information and custom pricing.

In our over 30 years of experience in training Community Health Workers and developing Community Health Worker programs, we have found in-person, engaging, and highly interactive training to be a key to success in preparing Community Health Workers to work effectively in a range of programs. As a result, this training package is only available as an on-site training.

Included Support:
Pre-Training Meetings 5 hours (Virtual)
Training 54 hours (On-site)
On-Call Post-Training Support 10 hours (Virtual)
Package Costs:
Training: $12,119
Not Included: Staff travel to and from training location and all related expenses.

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