Community Health Worker Program Supervision Training

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Who Is This Training Designed For?

This training is recommended for both new and experienced Community Health Worker supervisors. The training is geared toward program directors, program coordinators, and other staff members who directly supervise Community Health Workers, however, the information provided in this training can also be beneficial for grant development staff preparing proposals for Community Health Worker program funding, administrators making budget and staffing decisions, and any other staff members who assist with program design and implementation.

An MHP Salud training expert will request information about your Community Health Worker program and conduct a pre-training meeting to personalize the training to match your organization’s needs and specific program.

What Is Included?

The Community Health Worker Program Supervision training module focuses on providing supervisors and organizational leadership with an understanding of why approaches to supervising Community Health Workers differ from those of other staff, key components of effective Community Health Worker supervision, and strategies for developing successful Community Health Worker supervision plans.

To help you identify effective supervision strategies for your organization, our trainers focus on understanding your organizational structure, the specifics of your organization, and the tools and technology that you currently use for supervision.

This training package will focus on the following topics:

  • Discussion of why Community Health Worker supervision is different and requires unique strategies
  • Review of Community Health Worker roles and responsibilities and how they relate to supervision strategies, with a focus on the roles of Community Health Workers in your organization
  • Discussion of how to evaluate your organizational culture and resources to determine the best approach to supervision
  • In-depth review of how supervision strategies can impact the overall program success
  • Discussion of real life examples of positive and negative approaches to Community Health Worker supervision
  • Overview of how to incorporate technology into Community Health Worker supervision and helpful tools to consider
  • Review of strategies for evaluating your supervision procedures and identifying areas for improvement or streamlining

Make The Training Work For You

While we recommend on-site training for this and other training packages, we are able to offer this training virtually. Please review the chart below for additional information about what is included in this package and starting costs.

Included Support:
On-site Virtual
Pre-Training Meetings 2 hours (Virtual) 2 hours (Virtual)
Training 6 hours (On-site) 4 hours (Virtual)
On-Call Post-Training Support 4 hours (Virtual) 2 hours (Virtual)
Package Costs:
On-site Virtual
$3,119* $1,409
*Includes travel costs for any training location within the continental US

Additional Resources

Learn more about effective Community Health Worker supervision with our Supervising Community Health Worker brief report. The report provides an overview of supervision basics, as well as strategies for program design, budgets, recruiting and on-going training.

Additionally, our Supervision Manual for Promotores(as) de Salud offers basic guidelines for supervisors of Community Health Worker programs. The manual includes practical tips and recommendations based on our over thirty years of experience with CHW programs and program supervision.

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