Program Evaluation Training for Supervisors

Program Evaluation Training for Supervisors 2017-05-01T19:26:14+00:00

Who Is This Training Designed For?

This training is recommended for both new and experienced Community Health Worker program supervisors. The training is geared toward program directors, program coordinators, and other staff members who supervise Community Health Workers, however, the information provided in this training can also be helpful for grant development staff, administrators, program operations staff, and quality improvement or program analysis teams.

An MHP Salud training expert will request information about your Community Health Worker program and conduct a pre-training meeting to personalize the training to match your organization’s needs and specific program.

What Is Included?

The Program Evaluation training includes a comprehensive review of components of Community Health Worker program evaluation to provide all the tools needed to develop evaluation plans and implement effective evaluation strategies in your organization.

This training package will focus on the following topics:

  • Discussion of the importance of high quality program evaluation plans and activities
  • Recommendations for creating program objectives and deciding how to evaluate each goal
  • Detailed review of Community Health Worker program evaluation techniques and tools
  • Key components of effective and accurate data collection
  • Real world examples of evaluation strategies and approaches for different types of Community Health Worker programs
  • Interactive practice in deciding what evaluation strategies to use for different program types
  • Introduction to program evaluation reports to calculate return on investment (ROI) and other program metrics
  • Discussion of program evaluation reporting and how to use your results

Make The Training Work For You

While we recommend on-site training for this and other training packages, we are able to offer this training virtually as well. Please review the chart below for additional information about what is included in this package and starting costs.

Included Support:
On-site Virtual
Pre-Training Meetings 2 hours (Virtual) 2 hours (Virtual)
Training 4 hours  (On-site) 3 hours (Virtual)
On-Call Post-Training Support 3 hours (Virtual) 2 hours (Virtual)
Package Costs:
On-site Virtual
$2,809* $1,099
*Includes travel costs for any training location within the continental US

Additional Resources

Our Evaluation Toolkit for Promotor(a) Programs is designed for program supervisors with little to no evaluation experience and those with limited evaluation resources, as well as including tips for improving existing evaluation efforts.

We also offer a Promotor(a) De Salud Program Database User Guide with a sample Promotor(a) de Salud Program Database, a Health Education Record, and a Group Session Sign-in Sheet.

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