Recruiting & Hiring Training for Supervisors

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Who Is This Training Designed For?

This training is recommended for both new and experienced Community Health Worker program supervisors. The training is geared toward program directors and program coordinators, however, the information provided in this training can also be beneficial for hiring managers and HR staff, administrators, and other staff members who support with Community Health Worker recruiting or hiring.

An MHP Salud expert will request information about your Community Health Worker program and conduct a pre-training meeting to personalize the training to match your organization’s needs and specific program.

Why Recruiting & Hiring Matters

Successful Community Health Workers come from a variety of backgrounds and can have varying levels of work and educational experience. They have strong interpersonal skills and specific personality traits, but also need high quality training and on-going support from the organization where they work in order to do their job well.

To find these successful candidates, organizations need to have clear, well-defined candidate-selection guidelines and use real-life scenario tests during interviews, as well as evaluate key personality traits.

What Is Included?

MHP Salud has developed a Recruiting & Hiring Training module based on our extensive experience working with Community Health Workers in a range of health-related programs, and in different areas throughout the country.

We will review these and other strategies to help you determine what your organization needs from your Community Health Workers and develop a clear process for finding the right candidates.

The training package will cover the following topics and outcomes:

  • Overview of Community Health Worker job descriptions for different types of programs
  • Discussion of how to define the scope of work for Community Health Workers and recommendations for creating specific job responsibilities
  • In-depth review of strategies for developing an accurate job description and hiring requirements for different types of Community Health Worker programs
  • Overview of strategies for recruiting Community Health Workers and how to effectively advertise available positions and connect with potential candidates
  • In-depth review of interview strategies and approaches to reviewing applications
  • Overview of strategies and processes for pre-employment screenings
  • Introduction to recommendations for determining Community Health Worker compensation and salary structure

Make The Training Work For You

While we recommend on-site training for this and other training packages, we are able to offer this training virtually as well. Please review the chart below for additional information about what is included in this package and starting costs.

Included Support:
On-site Virtual
Pre-Training Meetings 2 hours (Virtual) 1 hour (Virtual)
Training 3 hours (On-site) 2 hours (Virtual)
On-Call Post-Training Support 2 hours (Virtual) 1 hour (Virtual)
Package Costs:
On-site Virtual
$2,569* $859
*Includes travel costs for any training location within the continental US

Additional Resources

Take at look at a sample Clinical Promotor(a) Job Description to help you develop hiring requirements for Community Health Workers in interdisciplinary clinical care teams.

We also have a Promotores(as) Compensation Guide and a Tips for Recruiting and Hiring Promotores(as) resource sheet to provide additional Community Health Worker staffing support.

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