Community Health Worker supervision training

Community Health Worker Supervision Training

MHP Salud has been employing, training and providing assistance to other organizations around Community Health Workers for over 30 years. Our CHW Supervisor L.E.A.D. (Listen, Empower, Advance, Deliver) curriculum training sessions focus on providing clear and concise information for First and Second Line Community Health Worker Supervisors to help your organization and staff in understanding why Community Health Workers may be a good choice for your organization and see how they may fit into your team.

The CHW Supervisor L.E.A.D. curriculum sessions are designed as a complement to the Community Health Worker training curriculum and can be provided as:

  • as individual sessions or as an entire training level
  • in English or Spanish
  • as a live, fully interactive video training in real time or on-site at the location of your choice

Click on the tabs below to learn more about each of our CHW Supervisor Training Packages.

As First and Second Line CHW Supervisors, it is important to understand the roles of Community Health Workers and how they can serve your organization best. The Foundations level approaches these questions from the supervisor’s viewpoint.

These sessions can be completed individually or as a complete 16 hour CHW Supervisors Foundations level training:

The Role of Community Health Workers – 2 hours
The Impact of Culture on Health – 4 hours
Educating in the Community – 4 hours
Introductory Return on Investment (ROI): The Worth of a CHW Program – 2 hours
Community Health Worker Supervision – 4 hours

This level is designed for supervisors whose Community Health Workers are skilled in the basics and are ready to advance and address key issues they are encountering in the field.

These sessions can be completed individually or as a complete 10 hour CHW Supervisors Level I training:

Expectations for CHW Documentation and Data Collection – 2 hours
Community Health Worker Self-Care – 4 hours
Service Coordination for Community Health Worker Supervisors – 4 hours

Maximize the effectiveness of your seasoned Community Health Workers by applying their wide range of knowledge and experience in the field to important organizational tasks.

These sessions can be completed individually or as a complete 8 hour CHW Supervisors Level II training:

Case Management and Community Health Workers – 2 hours
Community Health Worker Participation in Community Needs and Resources Assessments – 4 hours
Community Health Worker Leadership and Empowerment – 2 hours

Why Train Supervisors?

Once you have the right staff in place, providing high quality supervision that supports Community Health Workers in doing their job well is essential. Supervising Community Health Workers is often very different from overseeing and managing staff in other types of positions and can require some unique strategies to make the process both beneficial and efficient for everyone involved.

Supervisors who understand and value the work that Community Health Workers are doing, actively work to connect them with other team members, and provide support and guidance to their team of Community Health Workers help to make sure their Community Health Worker program is as successful as possible.

Return on Investment

According to the Connecticut Health Foundation, chronic patient populations showed projected ROI of up to $2.40 for every $1 invested over three years.


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