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Our Supervisor Essential Skills packages offer modules covering key competences for Community Health Worker Program Supervisors. Each module can be fully customized to match the specifics of your program, your organization, and the work that the Community Health Workers are or will be doing.

These modules can be completed individually, by combining several training modules, or as part of a complete supervisor training package.

All modules can be facilitated in English or Spanish and the following Supervisor Essential Skills modules are available:

Program Supervision Training
Program Evaluation Training
Recruiting & Hiring Training
Program Design Training

Each training module listed above includes relevant resources such as toolkits, documents and supervision manuals in downloadable links to compliment the training information and focus.

The Complete Supervisor Training is a training series designed to offer a formal recognition of training for Supervisors of Community Health Workers on a range of key competencies.

This training package allows Community Health Worker program supervisors to develop the skills necessary to successfully design, staff, evaluate and lead Community Health Worker programs on a wide range of health topics.

The training series covers the following modules:

Program Supervision
Program Evaluation
Recruiting & Hiring
Program Design

Make The Training Work For You

If you would prefer to complete the Complete Supervisor Training in smaller segments, please see the individual modules listed above for additional information and pricing. Alternatively, you can mix and match training modules to develop your own unique training course.

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Personalized Training

With our Custom Supervisor Training you can develop a personalized training plan that meets your needs and training interests. You can combine Essential Skills modules into a custom training package, or work with one of our expert trainers to develop your own training program.

Training hours and costs will vary depending on the support your organization requires, for more information and a free consultation to design your custom supervisor training, please contact us.

Additional Resources

Learn more about effective Community Health Worker supervision with our Supervising Community Health Workers brief report. The report provides an overview of supervision basics, as well as strategies for program design, budgets, recruiting and on-going training.

Additionally, our Supervision Manual for Promotores(as) de Salud offers basic guidelines for supervisors of Community Health Worker programs. The manual includes practical tips and recommendations based on our over thirty years of experience with Community Health Worker programs and program supervision.

Why Train Supervisors?

Once you have the right staff in place, providing high quality supervision that supports Community Health Workers in doing their job well is essential. Supervising Community Health Workers is often very different from overseeing and managing staff in other types of positions and can require some unique strategies to make the process both beneficial and efficient for everyone involved.

Supervisors who understand and value the work that Community Health Workers are doing, actively work to connect them with other team members, and provide support and guidance to their team of Community Health Workers help to make their Community Health Worker program is as successful as possible.

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