CHW Supervisor Level II Training

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What Is Included?

Our CHW Supervisor L.E.A.D. curriculum Level II training builds on topics covered in Foundations and Level I to support First and Second Line Community Health Worker Supervisors in maximizing the work of their Community Health Workers. This levels approaches key topics from our Community Health Worker Level II from the supervisor’s viewpoint.

The 8 hours of Level II training sessions can be facilitated in English or Spanish and provided on-site or as a live, fully interactive virtual training. The following sessions and objectives are covered:

Case Management and Community Health Workers

  • Understand the role of a Community Health Worker in case management
  • Discuss strategies for supporting the case management function

Community Health Worker Participation in Community Needs and Resource Assessments

  • Define the process of a community needs and resources assessment
  • Identify the different roles Community Health Workers can play in a community needs and resources assessment
  • Understand how Community Health Workers can lead group discussion on community needs
  • Demonstrate how Community Health Workers can utilize community asset mapping

Community Health Worker Leadership and Empowerment

  • Define leadership and how it is applied by Community Health Workers in their communities
  • Identify opportunities and strategies for Community Health Worker empowerment

Training Costs

A virtual training costs $2,259 and an in-person training is $3,839* including all travel costs.

*Includes all travel costs for a training location within the continental US.
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