CHW Supervisor Foundations Training

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What Is CHW Supervisor Foundations Training?

Our CHW Supervisor L.E.A.D. curriculum Foundations level covers the skills that First and Second Line Community Health Worker Supervisors need to understand the role of Community Health Workers and best support their work. This level approaches key topics from our Community Health Worker Foundations level from the supervisor’s viewpoint.

The 16 hours of the Foundations level can be facilitated in English or Spanish and provided on-site or as a live, fully interactive virtual training. The following sessions and objectives are covered:

The Role of Community Health Workers

  • Define Community Health Workers as a profession
  • Identify Community Health Worker roles, skills, and personal qualities

The Impact of Culture on Health

  • Define culture and why it matters in health education
  • Examine one’s own cultural “lenses” or filters through which we view the world
  • Describe and demonstrate how cultural beliefs impact health and wellness
  • Develop a plan to better incorporate your community and culture in your work and your institution

Educating in the Community

  • Identify the differences between adult and child learning
  • Understand why different learning styles matter in Health Education
  • Describe the types and benefits of the popular education techniques used by Community Health Workers
  • Identify key tools in the Community Health Worker Toolbox to maximize these popular/adult/peer education techniques

Introductory Return on Investment (ROI): The Worth of a Community Health Worker Program

  • Define Return on Investment and its importance to organizations employing Community Health Workers
  • Demonstrate the financial worth of the Community Health Worker professions in organizations and communities

Community Health Worker Supervision

  • Identify activities and unique aspects of Community Health Workers supervision
  • Identify hiring and training strategies to set Community Health Workers up for success
  • Recognize different approaches for structuring Community Health Worker supervision meetings
  • Demonstrate skills for addressing common challenges in Community Health Worker supervision

Training Costs

A virtual training costs $3,319 and an on-site training is $5,289* including all travel costs.

*Includes all travel costs for a training location within the continental US.
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