Community Health Worker Program Consultants

If you’re interested in launching, designing, or optimizing a Community Health Worker program and would like an organization with decades of experience to perform the legwork on your behalf, this is the option for you. This is a more hands-off approach for members of your organization, who only need to provide us with the relevant materials to create your desired outcome.

For example, if you’re you looking to optimize your organization’s Community Health Worker program without interrupting your staff’s schedule or want to revamp a portion of a Community Health Worker program but do not have the time and resources to perform this on your own, MHP Salud can create and deliver a customized deliverable to achieve these goals.

Package Costs

We will develop a customized price quote for your organization based on the following:

  • Project timeline
  • Project scope
  • Specific outcomes and deliverables that you choose

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my organization be expected to perform any tasks or provide information during consulting?

Prior to consulting, the consultant will work to tailor their approach to your organization’s needs, which, depending on the project goals, can involve communication with leadership and staff, as well as sharing organizational documents. During this time, your organization can determine how much, if any, check-ins they would like to include during the consulting process in order to review the work as it progresses and make sure it meets your needs.

Who are your consultants?

All of our consultants are full-time employees at MHP Salud and we will assign your consultant after determining the employee whose background, qualifications, and experiences best match your project goals.

I’m looking for a more collaborative approach to consulting, do you offer anything like that?

We do! Check out our Hours-Based Consulting page to learn more.

I’m not sure what to choose, this or Hours-Based Consulting. How do I decide?

Feel free to contact us so we can answer any additional questions you have and help you determine what would best suit your needs.

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