What Makes Our Training Unique?

MHP Salud currently offers community outreach services to help members of underserved communities connect with with the local assistance and services they need through our Colonia Outreach program.

Our training experts include Community Health Workers who work in outreach programs, as well as program managers who have firsthand experience with how outreach programs operate and the skills required to effectively provide community outreach services.

Who Is This Training Designed For?

The Community Outreach training module provides comprehensive support to new and experienced Community Health Workers providing outreach services. Prior experience as a Community Health Worker isn’t required to participate in this training.

An MHP Salud training expert will request information about your program and conduct a pre-training meeting to personalize the training to match your organization’s needs and specific program.

What Is Included?

The Community Outreach training includes a comprehensive training for Community Health Workers in an outreach program or a program that involves an outreach or community engagement component AND a key skills Supervisor training for supervisors of Community Outreach staff.

The training package focuses on the following training topics and outcomes:

Community Health Worker Training Component

  • In-depth review of personal safety strategies and recommendations for outreach workers
  • Discussion of how to identify community resources and strategies for developing a community resources list
  • Overview of communication techniques and ways to build trust and engage participants during outreach
  • Complete review of outreach responsibilities, required documentation and scope of work (personalized to your organization)
  • Overview of Cultural Competency strategies and approaches focused on the populations that the program will be serving
  • Introduction to data collection and program evaluation for outreach workers with a focus on understanding the importance of program evaluation

Supervisor Training Component

  • Overview of essential components of and strategies for effective supervision
  • Recommendations on team meetings, staff check-ins, on-going training and other components of effective supervision of community outreach staff
  • Introduction to developing and reviewing Community Outreach job descriptions and determining the appropriate scope of work
  • Discussion of real world examples of potential problems in Community Outreach programs and strategies for addressing a range of concerns
  • Introduction to developing program goals and objectives
  • Overview of strategies for data collection and relevant metrics to measure
  • Introduction to program evaluation tools and evaluation reports

Make The Training Work For You

In our more than 30 years of experience in training Community Health Workers and developing Community Health Worker programs, we have found that in-person, engaging, and highly interactive training sessions are a key to success in preparing Community Health Workers to work effectively in a range of programs. As a result, this training package is only available as an on-site training.

Included Support:
Pre-Training Meetings4 hours (Virtual)
Training16 hours for Community Health Workers plus 4 hours for Supervisors (On-site)
On-Call Post-Training Support10 hours (Virtual)
Package Costs
*Includes travel costs for any training location within the continental US

Additional Resources

For Community Health Workers and other outreach workers, we offer a Virtual Eligibility Guide for Public Benefits in Spanish as a resource to the information they provide to patients and clients.