Making it happen in Willacy County

//Making it happen in Willacy County

MHP Salud Program Coordinator Josephine Torres has been working hard in Willacy County, Texas connecting the Valley Baptist Medical System (VBMC) with Willacy County EMS to provide information to community members on the signs of stroke.

Willacy County EMS and VBMC partnered to add decals to their units educating residents on ways to save their loved ones with the F.A.S.T. technique.

Torres has also been chosen by the Raymondville Chamber of Commerce as a Raymondville Chamber of Commerce Ambassador. Ambassadors are chosen based on their communication skills, determination and drive for impacting the City of Raymondville.

Willacy Count EMS and VBMC

Twenty Ambassadors were chosen of the 200 Chamber Members that belong to the Raymondville Chamber of Commerce. Torres will represent MHP Salud at all Chamber Events (Ribbon Cutting, Gala, networking meetings, etc.).

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