MHP Salud presents worksite wellness program

//MHP Salud presents worksite wellness program


MHP Salud has created a worksite wellness program for the Lyford School District to fit the Health Living Strategy from Transforming Texas. Program Coordinator Josephine Torres worked with their Wellness Coordinator to adapt their current plan (a listing of resources and wellness activities).

A list of free or lost-cost health screenings was added to the worksite wellness program as well as resources for healthy eating and fitness challenges. This program can now be used by an employer to help with employee participation.

In Jim Wells County, Program Coordinator Anita Rosas has presented the program to the County Judge. Much to our surprise, the county adapted some of MHP Salud’s worksite wellness program to fit into their existing policy.

Texas Department of State Health Services held their first Transforming Texas Learning Collaborative Webinar on Active Living recently. During the webinar, Josephine and Anita presented “Resourceful and Creative Wellness” and showcased the new program.

Both Josephine and Anita have worked diligently in Willacy and Jim Wells Counties, striving to make a positive impact in advocating for healthy living.

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