Management-Based Objectives

Our Management Based Objectives (MBO) projects aim to help organizations likes yours succeed in serving their communities by harnessing the strength of Community Health Worker  (CHW) programs.  Our method is simple: You are the expert on the needs of your population. We listen and work together with you to create a strategy fashioned to help overcome the challenges that stand in the way of the health of your community.

For over 20 years, we’ve collaborated with national health organizations and associations to develop training and resources aimed to help workers and companies throughout the healthcare industry address the needs of their local communities. We support organizations by showing how many of the needs of their communities can be addressed through effective Community Health Worker programs and management. Implementing Community Health Worker programs enables organizations to better support their communities in a culturally and linguistically appropriate way; it provides an effective way to increase both the reach and quality of healthcare services.

Additionally, we work with our partners to develop training around population-specific emerging health issues, such as substance abuse, chronic disease management, and aging services among the Hispanic population. All of our efforts are supported by a network of digital resources that include e-mail newsletters, webinars, monthly calls, blogs, and downloadable educational materials.

Through our MBO projects we have provided thousands of hours of technical assistance on health equity, increasing access to care, improving health outcomes for individuals with chronic conditions, and other social determinants of health. Combined with our training, and digital resources, organizations are able to increase their knowledge around the role and worth of a Community Health Worker, and how CHW programs will improve health outcomes and health literacy amongst the populations they serve.

Currently, MHP Salud has two Management-Based Objectives, the Capacity Building Assistance project and the Aging Services project. Learn more about each project below.

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Capacity Building Assistance (CBA)

CBA helps Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and community-based organizations build their capacity to deliver Community Health Worker programs for their unique populations through technical assistance and the publication and distribution of educational tools and resources including two reoccurring newsletters that focus on all things CHW.

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Capacity Building Assistance (CBA)

Our Capacity-Building Assistance (CBA) team assists organizations in starting or strengthening Community Health Worker programs at Community Health Centers across the country through education and technical assistance. With over 35 years of experience working with Community Health Worker, MHP Salud is uniquely qualified to help organizations build on their strengths and address the challenges of maintaining a successful program.

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Aging Services

Aging Services provides technical assistance, resource development, and virtual learning opportunities for organizations and caregivers working with the Hispanic aging population.

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About MHP Salud 

MHP Salud has over thirty years of experience implementing CHW programs and training organizations looking to start and/or strengthen their own CHW programs. For more information about MHP Salud, our services, and how we can help you, please email us at

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