Understanding and Addressing Hypertension and Heart Health in Your Community: A Quick Guide For Community Health Workers


Understanding and Addressing Hypertension and Heart Health in Your Community: A Quick Guide For Community Health Workers provides information surrounding hypertension and heart health. Inside you will find tools for Community Health Workers to use to guide patients with hypertension towards a healthier future. The guide also comes with a blood pressure tracker, which can be shared with patients as they track their progress towards their blood pressure goals.

Training and Supporting Certified Application Counselors


The Training and Supporting Certified Application Counselors educational tool is intended to help CAC supervisors support their CACs through the initial training and beyond. It presents and explains strategies, tools, and activities that can be used to further reinforce the material presented in the CMS training, to supplement the material from the trainings, and to continue to support CACs after the conclusion of the training period.

Salud Para Todos Guía para Implementación del Programa (Espanol)


La salud mental es un problema crítico para muchos Latinos. Es preocupante el alto riesgo de ansiedad, depresión y abuso de sustancias. Las razones de estos problemas de salud varían y se ven aún más desafiadas por barreras como el acceso a cuidados e información de salud. El programa Salud Para Todos tiene como objetivo proporcionar información, recursos y herramientas que ayudarán a disminuir estos problemas.

El Arte Program Implementation Guide (Spanish)


El grupo de apoyo de Arte de Sobrevivir tiene como objetivo promover la curación entre las mujeres que son sobrevivientes primarias o secundarias de agresión sexual, violencia doméstica, violencia de pareja y/o acoso. Este programa se basa en las fortalezas existentes de las mujeres latinas y utiliza herramientas y enfoques culturalmente informados. Con la ayuda de un Promotor(a) de Salud, los participantes forman grupos de apoyo que se reúnen una vez por semana para discutir un tema y terminan con una actividad de manualidades que puede abrir un espacio para la discusión y la curación.

Salud Para Todos Implementation Guide


The Salud Para Todos Implementation Guide is a comprehensive tool for Promotores de Salud (Community Health Workers), or other peer educators, to prepare and implement community education sessions on mental health topics. The Implementation Guide provides the information, session plans, and other materials needed to facilitate educational sessions the topics of mental health, stress, domestic violence, substance abuse, and the relationship between chronic disease & mental health.

Niños Saludables: Child and Family Physical Activity & Nutrition Program Implementation Guide


The Niños Saludables Facilitator’s Guide aims to increase knowledge of healthy lifestyles and promote physical activity among youth and families. The activities in this guide inform participants about their current level of physical activity, provide recommendations for physical activity and strategies to develop a more active lifestyle, and aid in developing a family physical activity action plan.

Making The Case For Community Health Workers On Clinical Care Teams: A Single-Session Implementation Guide


Although Community Health Workers (CHWs) have a long history of successfully addressing health disparities, their full potential has yet to be realized in a clinical setting. A significant obstacle to achieving full integration of CHWs on health care teams is confusion regarding the role of a CHW on part of clinical staff. This guide is meant to address this obstacle in order to garner stronger support for CHWs in clinical settings. The information in this guide is meant to prepare a CHW advocate to present to clinical staff on the role of CHW in clinical settings.

El Arte de Sobrevivir Program Implementation Guide


The Arte de Sobrevivir support group aims to promote healing among women who are primary or secondary survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and/or stalking. This guide builds on the existing strengths of Latina women and utilizes culturally informed tools and approaches. Participants are not only provided with information and form supportive networks with other women in their community, but they also engage in arts and craft projects, which can open space for discussion and healing.