Salud Para Todos Program Manual (English)

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This 71-page English-language Program Manual is designed to walk Community Health Workers or Promotores(as) de Salud through strengthening knowledge about mental health issues and coping mechanisms and utilizing resources to help those suffering from mental health issues access the services available to them in their community.

Evaluation Toolkit for Promotor(a) Programs



This Evaluation Toolkit is intended for use by those who run Promotor y Promotora de Salud programs serving migratory and seasonal agricultural workers This Toolkit is designed for those who have little or no evaluation experience and those with limited evaluation resources, but it also includes tips for improving existing evaluation efforts.

ROI Toolkit


This Return on Investment (ROI) Toolkit is for everyone—for those that understand ROI very clearly and for those new to, and a little intimidated by, the concept of ROI. This is a toolkit to figure out the ROI of a Community Health Worker (CHW) program unique to your organization.

Making The Case For Community Health Workers On Clinical Care Teams: A Toolkit



Although Community Health Workers (CHWs) have a long history of successfully addressing health disparities, their full potential has yet to be realized in a clinical setting. A significant obstacle to achieving full integration of CHWs on health care teams is confusion regarding the role of a CHW on part of clinical staff. This toolkit is meant to address this obstacle in order to garner stronger support for CHWs in clinical settings. The information in this toolkit is meant to prepare a CHW advocate to present to clinical staff on the role of CHW in clinical settings.

The Salud Para Todos Facilitator’s Guide

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The Salud Para Todos Facilitator’s Guide is a comprehensive tool for Promotores de Salud (Community Health Workers), or other peer educators, to prepare and implement community education sessions on mental health topics. The Facilitator’s Guide provides the information, session plans, and other materials needed to facilitate educational sessions the topics of mental health, stress, domestic violence, substance abuse, and the relationship between chronic disease & mental health.