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Un Paso a la Vez

Provides support services to older adults to help them maintain or achieve a healthy and safe living environment

What we do

Un paso a la vez” is a Community Health Worker program that helps low-income, Hispanic older adults in Cameron County maintain independence and dignity and remain in their homes with appropriate support.

How our approach works

Community Health Workers work with each new participant, over the course of multiple home visits, to complete an initial assessment and an accompanying action plan. The assessment identifies factors on the individual, family, and community levels that are supporting and inhibiting the participants’ ability to remain in his or her home with appropriate support. The action plan outlines steps that the participant, with the support of the Community Health Worker, family members, and others, can take to address barriers and reinforce strengths identified in the assessment.


  • 240 older adults will receive services from Community Health Workers
  • MHP Salud will partner with Habitat for Humanity to complete home modifications for participants
  • Community Health Workers will offer group health education classes to participants (80 classes per year), with at least 20 classes including a physical activity component


Program Supported by The Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation


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