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Request for Proposals:

 Guided Implementation of Community Health Workers addressing Chronic Disease

MHP Salud is inviting all Health Centers to participate in a Guided Implementation of either the Road to Health (diabetes prevention and management) or Su Corazon, Su Vida (hypertension management & heart health) Toolkits. As part of the Guided Implementation, each Health Center will receive support from MHP Salud to implement a CHW-led intervention using one of the two listed curricula focusing on the health issue in question. The programs will run at least one year and will be evaluated on an on-going basis to help demonstrate the efficacy of Community Health Workers in preventing and managing chronic disease in hard to reach populations.

Eligiblity Guidelines:

  • Organizations must be Federally Qualified Health Centers or Look-A-Likes funded through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).
  • Organizations do not need to receive migrant health funding, or serve predominantly Hispanic/Latino populations, to be considered.
  • Organizations may have current Community Health Worker programs in place, or may simply have an interest in implementing a Community Health Worker program but have not yet done so. The T/TA provided through the Guided Implementation will be tailored to the specific organization’s circumstance and program status.

Guided Implementation Project Contents and Timeline:

  • January – June 2018: Program development and training and technical assistance provided by MHP Salud
    • 2 virtual T/TA sessions and one week of in-person training will be provided. Training topics will cover CHW core competencies, program management, CHW supervision, and clinical considerations for topic in question.
    • Ongoing technical assistance will be provided on issues such as developing job descriptions and other recruitment materials for CHWs, program design, supervisory and management concerns, etc.
  • June 2018 – June 2019: Program implementation & evaluation
    • CHW programs will begin no later than July 1, 2018 and will run for at least one full year. MHP staff will be available throughout the year to provide guidance and technical assistance on any issues that might arise.

Responsibilities of Participants:

  • Participants will be responsible for the following areas of implementation:
    • Provide complete, engaged participation in virtual and in-person training to take place spring 2018. Participation may require clinical staff, administrative staff, and CHWs to be involved.
    • Hire (if applicable) and supervise Community Health Workers.
    • Work collaboratively with MHP Salud to develop appropriate data collection tools.
    • Ensure the fidelity of the chosen curriculum is maintained throughout implementation.
    • Collect & share with MHP Salud HIPPAA-compliant data related to the implemented program. Health Centers will be asked to share de-identified patient data at regular intervals.
    • Develop and submit quarterly and annual reports to MHP Salud.
    • Participate in a quarterly call with MHP Salud. (If further assistance is needed, MHP Salud will be available throughout the implementation period for ongoing guidance and assistance.)

Selection Process Timeline:

  • The RFP will be open from October 1 to December 8th, 2017. Four participating organizations in total will be selected and notified in December 2017.

Financial Considerations:

  • A stipend of $5,000 will be provided to each of the four participating organizations in exchange for release of de-identified electronic health records data of all participating clinic patients. Health Record data requested will be related to the specific health concern in question.All salary and benefits costs for individuals hired as a part of the Guided Implementation Project (both CHWs and Program Managers) will be the responsibility of the implementing organization. As per MHP Salud guidelines, all clinical partners will be required to cover travel and hotel stay for in-person trainers.

Instructions to apply

  • Please complete the application form (available here) and submit with additional requirements listed below. All materials due by November 30, 2017. Materials submitted after this date may not be reviewed.
  • Each organization should choose either the Road to Good Health Diabetes Guided Implementation or the Su Corazon, Su Vida Hypertension & Heart Health Guided Implementation and prepare a short statement (200 words max) as to why addressing the selected issue is of interest to the organization.
  • Each applicant is required to submit a Letter of Support from Senior Clinic Management (signed by one clinical representative and one administrative representative)

If your organization is interested in applying but has questions regarding the project itself, you are encouraged to reach out to Bonnie Hough, Senior Director of Training and Education at

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