Comfort and Educate Expectant Mothers with Community Health Workers and the Maternal and Infant Health Resource

This resource is a manual
Guiding expectant mothers, especially those that are first time mothers, can help to reduce medical and emotional complications and increase healthy outcomes for mother and child.  As Promotores(as), we are aware that there are challenges experienced by some of our community members. These challenges can be due to issues of employment, living conditions, legal status and environment.

Any of these stress factors can affect healthy outcomes. But, while pregnancy and birth are impacted by factors outside of medical issues, in this 58-page manual, we will focus on:

  • Practical advice for a healthy pregnancy
  • Changes during pregnancy
  • Prenatal clinical visits
  • Preparing a healthy home for the newborn
  • Birth and delivery
  • Postpartum challenges and the importance of medical follow-­‐up, including family planning
  • Newborn and well-­‐baby health check-­‐ups

The following is a breakdown of the information provided in each chapter:

  • Seven Steps for a Healthy Pregnancy
  • Understanding Weight Gain During Pregnancy
  • Do’s and Don’ts During Pregnancy
  • Female Anatomy and Pregnancy
  • Fetal Growth and Development
  • What to Expect During Pregnancy
  • Danger Signs During Pregnancy
  • Medical Conditions that are Dangerous in Pregnancy
  • When Should Prenatal Care With a Doctor or Midwife Begin?
  • Benefits of Prenatal Care
  • Testing
  • Preparing the House for Baby’s Arrival
  • The Advantages of Breastfeeding
  • Signs that Labor is Near
  • Signs that Labor Will Begin
  • The Three Stages of Labor and Birth
  • Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth
  • Names of Medications or Interventions During Pregnancy
  • The Mother’s Recovery and Well-­‐being
  • Changes During the Postpartum Period
  • Common Changes During the Postpartum Period
  • The Newborn

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