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Boosting Mental Health in Agriculture: The Vital Role of Community Health Workers

Supporting Our Farmworkers' Mental Health for a Healthier Tomorrow,' a webinar focused on overcoming barriers to mental health care for agricultural workers. Learn how we can support the well-being of those who nourish our communities.

We’ve used over 35 years of our expertise in the CHW profession to create and find high quality resources for CHWs and individuals working in CHW programs.

Community Health Workers , community members and health professionals review all materials prior to use and distribution. Each item is tested for literacy level and relevance to the populations MHP Salud serves. Although many of our resources were developed with Latino communities in mind, the majority of our them can be used to support any underserved community. MHP Salud also identifies appropriate materials and resources from other organizations and maintains a list of these resources and contact information.

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MHP Salud Resource Guides

MHP Salud desarrolla materiales en español que son culturalmente aceptables y fáciles de entender para trabajadores del campo y sus comunidades.

Salud Para Todos Program Manual

In this directory, you can access educational resources focused on CHW and COVID-19 interventions for Latino and Farmworker Communities. We include information from various sources, including many resources in Spanish. All resources are free and publicly available.

CHWs and COVID-19

The Health Center Resource Clearinghouse addresses the competing demands placed on a busy public health workforce by providing a broad framework of resources, tools, and supports to facilitate professionals’ ability to access and utilize critical resources.

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