Resource Development

MHP Salud supports organizations with industry-leading resources related to CHWs and the CHW profession.

These resources serve as a reliable source of the most up-to-date and accurate information, tips, and support for organizations working with CHWs. Our team of experts use data collected from our over 35 years of experience implementing CHW programs, and input from partners and professionals within the CHW industry to ensure our publications provide the best information. Building the capacity of other organizations to deliver Community Health Worker programs for their unique populations, and collaborating with partners from across the country, furthers the success of the Community Health Worker model as a sustainable, culturally-appropriate means to improve health outcomes.

Through the years we have developed various newsletters, published blogs, and shared research on current issues that affect organizations working with CHWs. In the past, we have covered topics such as mental health, diabetes control and prevention, and domestic violence. What’s unique about our resource development is that we consistently create new opportunities for organizations to access information on emerging health issues, as seen in the development of our COVID-19 Resource Directory.

Additionally, we are committed to providing resources that are driven by the needs of the organizations within the industry. Through an annual need’s assessment, we collect information from partners, health centers, and community-based organizations that tell us what resources are needed to support organizations that work with CHWs.

Though resources can be developed as new issues emerge, we provide these publications on a quarterly basis that cover various industry-leading topics:

La Esperanza

La Esperanza (Spanish for Hope) is a bilingual newsletter dedicated to the work of CHWs across the country. MHP Salud, collaborators and CHWs themselves write articles specifically for and about their work.

Promotora News

This newsletter covers the latest topics and news from the CHW profession. It is sent quarterly via email.

Blog Series

Our latest blog from the Management-Based Objective program covers the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and how Community Health Workers play a key role in implementing family-centered diabetes interventions.

Resource Portfolio

Along with these publications, free resources are made available for download in our extensive resource portfolio. The resource portfolio contains materials that are suitable for a wide range of purposes related to the CHW industry and are categorized by health topic or area of focus. Items are kept up-to-date and reviewed on an annual basis for accuracy. All materials are available for free after a quick registration.

Technical Assistance

Learn more about the ongoing support we provide to organizations working with CHWs no matter what stage their CHW program is in. Our Technical Assistance is provided via phone, video conference, or email and is led by one of our experts.


Our team of experts has developed highly-focused and in-demand training to build the capacity of organizations looking to implement or improve upon Community Health Worker programs no matter what stage of the process they are in


About MHP Salud 

MHP Salud has been implementing CHW programs and training organizations looking to start and/or strengthen their CHW programs since 1983! For more information about MHP Salud, our services, and how we can help you, please email us at