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What I’ve Learned Grant Writing for Community Health Worker-led Programs

Whenever I talk about grant writing, someone always wants to know what the “magic bullet” is to secure sustainable funding. I wish it were that simple - in general, grant writing requires a special slurry of project management, relationship building, digging into the data, and storytelling. And grant writing for Community Health Worker (CHW)-led programs? That presents its own set of unique questions.

January 20th, 2021|

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1901, 2021

How to Raise Awareness About Dementia in Hispanic/Latino Older Adults

January 19th, 2021|

Imagine the following scenario: Your parent’s memory slips, and they briefly forget your name. You don’t think anything of it. A month later, they forget the birthday of their spouse of 50 years. Over time, these lapses in memory become more frequent. At 85 years old, your parent is diagnosed with dementia. This is an all-too-common experience for people around the country, especially for Hispanic/Latino families.

1901, 2021

Envejecer con estilo: Temas de salud entre hispanos/latinos

January 19th, 2021|

Nuevos estudios sugieren que la demencia es más común entre los adultos mayores hispanos/latinos. César J. Alvarado, especialista en programas de la sección de San Antonio y el sur de Texas de la Asociación de Alzheimer, comparte que "algunos estudios indican que los hispanos/latinos mayores tienen aproximadamente una vez y media más probabilidades de tener Alzheimer u otras demencias que los blancos mayores." Además de la vejez, los factores que ponen a muchos hispanos/latinos en mayor riesgo son la pobreza, las enfermedades cardíacas y otras enfermedades crónicas como la presión arterial alta y la obesidad.

1301, 2021

CHW Professional Development: A Journey from CHW to a Career as a Teacher

January 13th, 2021|

Oliver worked as a CHW for many years at an organization that specializes in providing financial assistance. His role as a CHW involved providing financial education for individuals in the community. He enjoyed many aspects of his position, especially holding education sessions. However, he disliked the long drives to various locations to conduct each session and the lack of autonomy over the material covered. One day, during a conversation about considering a possible career change, Oliver's friend recommended he look into becoming a teacher.

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