Community Health Worker Training, Consulting, and Program Support

Our professional training services give CHWs the necessary knowledge and skills to be impactful in their communities.

An icon demonstrating the positive ROI of a CHW program

MHP Salud’s own CHW-led initiative demonstrated an ROI of $3.16 for every $1 spent

With a growing focus in the healthcare field on community-based solutions, improved quality of care, and an emphasis on preventive care and population health, as well as a shift toward value-based payment systems, we believe that Community Health Workers will be a key part of the new direction of healthcare.

CHW Training

 Virtual and on-site training for CHWs, Program Supervisors, and Professions Working with CHWs and Grant Writers on a range of topics that will provide your organization with the tools and resources it needs to maximize the impact of your work in the community.

Consulting Services

Whether you are starting your journey or want to add to your team’s experience, our consulting options will give you the support, knowledge, and expertise you need for your Community Health Worker programs.