MHP Salud builds on community strengths to improve health for underserved Latinos through Community Health Worker Programs.

MHP Salud is a national nonprofit organization that implements and runs Community Health Worker programs. These programs provide peer health education, increase access to health resources and bring community members closer. MHP Salud also has extensive experience offering health organizations training and technical assistance on Community Health Worker programming tailored to their specific needs.

Read about how a small organization in Michigan migrant labor camps grew to become the national leader on the Community Health Worker model.

All Community Health Worker programs and services bring the agency closer to achieving its vision of a healthy future for underserved Latino communities.

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MHP Salud’s Board of Directors and staff have a proven track record of experience that makes the organization a leader of the Community Health Worker model.

MHP Salud has received national recognition and numerous awards, including Models that Work and Border Models of Excellence.

Find out where MHP Salud fits into the evolving world of Promotoras / Community Health Workers and the overall industry.

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