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Community Health Worker Consulting by MHP Salud

MHP Salud’s consulting services focus on support for Community Health Worker programs that is collaborative, personalized, flexible, and provides you with the tools you need to implement sustainable change in your community.

If you are interested in consulting support, we will provide a free consultation with an MHP Salud expert to review your program goals and provide targeted recommendations as well as customized consulting packages when needed. Below is an overview of our support options

Hours-Based Consulting

If you’re interested in learning how to design, launch, or optimize a Community Health Worker program to build your organization’s capacity and increase its overall reach, this is the option for you.  Our hours-based consulting support option includes an expert consultant to provide advice and insight for the duration of your program. Consultants are available via email, phone, or live video meetings to help navigate challenges,  provide relevant support, and pass along relevant skills and knowledge.

Outcomes-Based Consulting

If you’re looking to optimize your organization’s Community Health Worker program without interrupting your staff’s schedule or want to revamp a portion of a CHW program but do not have the time and resources to perform this on your own, MHP Salud can create and deliver a customized package to achieve these goals.  To get started you’ll need to:

  • provide a detailed description of your organization’s desired goals and outcomes

  • review and prepare materials that we’ll request from you to help us maximize the success of the project

From there, we’ll develop a customized price quote for your organization based on the project scope, timeline and the specific outcomes and deliverables that you choose. Once we’ve talked through the details, we’ll work with you to ensure your Community Health Worker program is effective.


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We can provide a custom price quote for packages of other sizes as well. Please note that these costs apply for virtual support only and consulting assistance can be provided through email, phone, or video chat.

FAQ Hours Based Consulting

We are happy to discuss your program goals and organizational needs to help you determine how many hours you will need prior to the launch of a consulting package. Our recommendation will be based on the details of your organization and project as well as our own experiences with Community Health Worker programs.
All of our consultants are full-time employees at MHP Salud and we will assign your consultant after determining the employee whose background, qualifications, and experiences best match your project goals.
Your consultant will record and keep track of the time spent consulting and will inform you when you have used 50%, 75%, and 100% of your hours to help you plan accordingly.

Feel free to contact us so we can answer any additional questions you have and help you determine what would best suit your needs.

FAQ Outcomes Based Consulting

Prior to consulting, the consultant will work to tailor their approach to your organization’s needs, which, depending on the project goals, can involve communication with leadership and staff, as well as sharing organizational documents. During this time, your organization can determine how much, if any, check-ins they would like to include during the consulting process in order to review the work as it progresses and make sure it meets your needs.

Feel free to contact us so we can answer any additional questions you have and help you determine what would best suit your needs.