Community Health Worker Consulting by MHP Salud

MHP Salud’s consulting services focus on support for Community Health Worker programs that is collaborative, personalized, flexible, and provides you with the tools you need to implement sustainable change in your community. If you are interested in consulting support, we will provide a free consultation with an MHP Salud expert to review your program goals and provide targeted recommendations as well as customized consulting packages.

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Hours-Based Consulting

If you’re interested in learning how to design, launch, or optimize a Community Health Worker program to build your organization’s capacity and increase its overall reach, this is the option for you.  Our hours-based consulting support option includes an expert consultant to provide advice and insight for the duration of your program. Consultants are available via email, phone, or live video meetings to help navigate challenges,  provide relevant support, and pass along relevant skills and knowledge.

Outcomes-Based Consulting

If you’re looking to optimize your organization’s Community Health Worker program without interrupting your staff’s schedule or want to revamp a portion of a CHW program but do not have the time and resources to perform this on your own, MHP Salud can create and deliver a customized package to achieve these goals.  To get started you’ll need to:

  • provide a detailed description of your organization’s desired goals and outcomes

  • review and prepare materials that we’ll request from you to help us maximize the success of the project

From there, we’ll develop a customized price quote for your organization based on the project scope, timeline and the specific outcomes and deliverables that you choose. Once we’ve talked through the details, we’ll work with you to ensure your Community Health Worker program is effective.


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We can provide a custom price quote for packages of other sizes as well. Please note that these costs apply for virtual support only and consulting assistance can be provided through email, phone, or video chat.

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Data and Evaluation Consulting Services

For over thirty-five years, we’ve been implementing Community Health Worker programs to support underserved Latino communities across the United States. And in that time, changes in technology have advanced the way we serve our communities. One key advancement comes in the form of data collection in evaluation, which has enabled our organization to fully understand the scope of our programs and their outcomes. 

In order to help organizations unleash their full data and evaluation potential, we provide consultation services in the form of a readiness assessment for organizations who want to move to a digital data system.  Is your organization still using pen and paper to collect data? We can help you prepare for a migration into the digital world. Are you not ready to move to digital, but still think your system needs work? We can help with that too. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: Hours Based Consulting

An hours-based package is perfect for you!  We are there when you need us to answer questions, recommend resources, or talk you through a problem area — but you handle the program design and implementation.  You can start with a small package of hours and add on as needed or buy a bigger package up front to take advantage of discounted hourly rates.

Prior to consulting, the consultant will work to tailor their approach to your organization’s needs, which, depending on the project goals, can involve communication with leadership and staff, as well as sharing organizational documents. During this time, your organization can determine how much, if any, check-ins they would like to include during the consulting process in order to review the work as it progresses and make sure it meets your needs.

Yes! You can use a certain number of hours per week and set up regular consulting/meeting times or you can just contact us when you need us. You decide what works for you!
Hour-based packages must be used within the calendar year purchased, but otherwise, you are free to use them as needed.

Once you purchase a package, you will be assigned to an MHP Salud staff member who will be your consultant for the duration of your consulting support, and you contact them via email, phone or video call (we provide all three contact methods). You can mix it up and use your hours in the way that best suits the situation. For example: a quick question could be answered via email or phone while a longer more complex subject can be discussed via video call.

If you would like to schedule in-person meetings or consultations, we can provide a quote for travel costs and consulting package hours can be applied to travel time and on-site consultation. However, we can also schedule virtual meetings as well. MHP Salud works across several states and is accustomed to collaborating virtually. We can set up video meetings that are engaging, interesting and helpful.
Prior to initiating your consulting package, we collect information on the types of consulting support that you are looking for as well as the specifics of your organization and CHW program. We match our staff to you based on those needs. All assigned staff are full-time employees at MHP Salud and have experience working with CHWs in the program topic areas that you are interested in. As our primary focus is on running CHW programs ourselves, we understand the ins and outs of the everyday management of a CHW program and the challenges you may encounter along the way.
Your assigned staff member will track the hours used and provide you with updates regularly, including when you have used 50%, 75%, and 100% of your available hours.
Of course! Let your assigned staff member know and we can initiate another package purchase.
It depends on your goals and how much support you really want or need, but you can always purchase a small bucket to start with and add on more hours as needed later.

Of course! Outcomes-based consulting focuses on producing a specific product or products to meet your needs and on your timeline. Some examples include designing a program or creating an outreach plan. Tell us what you need and in what form and we can provide a cost estimate.