Training for Community Health Workers

Our training packages are affordable, effective, and are built on decades of experience. We invite you to learn why our L.E.A.D. training is the most complete and trusted curriculum on the market.

Community Health Worker Training

For over thirty-five years, MHP Salud has been providing Community Health Worker training to individuals and organizations across the United States. From our firsthand experience, we’ve developed our L.E.A.D. (Listen, Empower, Advance, Deliver) curriculum, which focuses on providing foundational instruction, as well as continuing education for Community Health Workers across their career span.  This training is only available to organizations.

Our curriculum aligns with the standards of the C3 Project Core Competencies for Community Health Workers, as well as many state certification programs, and recognized best practices. Additionally, our training sessions focus on small group interaction and are delivered by experts with real-world experience in the subject matter.

Click here to see a list of states in which MHP Salud is an approved training partner.

High-quality Community Health Worker training is an essential component of successful Community Health Worker programs and in order to gain the most benefit from training sessions, our trainers build on the skills that Community Health Workers already have, present information in a culturally appropriate and accessible way, and review key knowledge areas as well as provide specific tools and techniques for the programs they will be working in.

Prices shown below reflect fully interactive and live trainings that are provided virtually. If you are interested in scheduling an in-person training, please contact us to discuss options and costs. 

What is included in the Community Health Worker training?

Our Community Health Worker Training package is available in three different tiers, and each one builds on the skills established in the previous tier. For most organizations, we recommend starting with our first tier, which we call “CHW Foundations.” But, if you are seeking training for experienced CHWs – or if you’ve trained with us before – you may qualify for our Level I or Level II tier. Click on the tabs below to learn more. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

* Training times are estimates and may vary depending on several factors, including participants’ levels of engagement and participation in the training discussions, the number of participants in a session, participants’ experience level, etc. Training times will not exceed the number of hours listed.